The Latest Design Trends from 2021 Maison&Objet Fair

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Desirable Development was the theme for the 2021 Maison&Objet Fair. As the suddenness brings up the worldwide health crisis, people face the new challenge, especially in the environment. In the past few years said that Sustainability, but now, it is time to change into Desirability. Alternative consumption is taking place of De-consumption. People need to reconnect their senses and emotions.

1. The Trending Styles
There are 5 trending styles shown in the fair.
(1) Authentic Local-Rustic Style
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People would love to know the origin and how-to-make of objects nowadays. The objects in this style are authentic and rustic. It should care about the responsibility of society and the environment.

(2) Recyclable Materials Used in Creative Ways

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Recyclable materials take more accounts in this fair. Most of them are plastic waste, metal sculpture, cardboard, or seaweed.  All they are presented in bold and creative ways, to decorate ordinary objects and furniture.

(3) Work from Home

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Working from home is becoming mainstream. The topic of office decor was explored widely at the fair. It comes up with a creative way that changes the office into a more joyful and interactive place. The calligraphy is the highlighted decor for office style.

(4) Nostalgic Vintage Trend
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The young generation misses the happy past times, they are looking for a lifestyle that is less formal, easier, and more joyful. 
Hence, the colors in the 70's decoration are being a trend today, such as burnt orange, moss green. The combination of colors is color blocking, which is a fashion in the '80s or '90s, presented on the contrast of walls, furniture, and accessories. 
Also, this nostalgic trend is expressed in materials used in the 70's past time. Ribbed velvet, curly wool, marble, and terrazzo are the current trends. 

(5) A Pursuit for Uniqueness

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People are eager to know-how. Thus, crafts are highlighted and are expressed in a new way dealing with details.  Try to be more subtle, delicate, and detailed. 
According to traditional knowledge, materials are turned into an object stayed with marks. Presented as a sculpture object, it is a pursuit for uniqueness.
Or the organic objects, are displayed in angles, facets, and cutting lines, instead of curves and kidney shapes.

2. The Current Colors

The theme of environment was expressed by the reconnection with Nature. We can see this through current colors this year.
It is the color of the '70s. An autumn bouquet, colors are from red to yellow. The warm tone speaks for the need for interior health. 

(1) Warming Yellow
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Yellow is always a hopeful, optimistic, and joyful color. Under this world situation, it seems that we need it more.  But warming yellow is softer, warmer, and more muted, including mustard or pastel yellow.

(2) Klein Blue
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Another trending color is Klein Blue, it can be combined with the warming yellow. It is a perfect color tone for tableware.

(3) Burnt Orange
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The youth are missing the joyful old-time passed away, they are thirsty for a more relaxing lifestyle. So, a nostalgia trend is growing in popularity. Dating back to the '70s, Burnt Orange is a vintage color.

(4) Moss Green

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Moss green such as moss, lichen is a color tone reminding us of the interior decoration in the '70s. When it is combined with Burnt Orange, this combination stands for the '70s.

(5) Pale Pink
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Responding to the need for interior softness, muted colors are displayed in the fair. The highlight color is pale pink.  It seems that the soft color tone is currently trending.

(6) Color Blocking

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Color blocking is a symbol of decoration in the '80s and '90s. Colors are no longer in matching, but to form a contrasting solid color in decoration. Usually, they are expressed in furniture, accessories, and finishing. 

3. The Mainstream Materials

(1) Recyclable Materials

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Recyclable materials are presented a lot in the fair, including recycled plastic waste, recyclable metal structures, cardboard, and seaweed. All they are shown in bold and creative ways, to decorate ordinary objects and furniture.

(2) Marble

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Marble objects can give you a romantic touch and a classical feeling. Use it to make your room subtle and modern.

(3) Terrazzo

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Terrazzo was popular in the '70s, this vivid display of speckled color is visually attractive and versatile. Not only for the floor or wall but also perfect for decorative objects.

(4) Wood Sculpture

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Wood sculptures provide a unique and stylish look to any interior. They are often displayed in natural forms. 

(5) Ribbed Velvet
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Ribbed velvet gives you a sense of luxury and they look cozy. A little bit of ribbed velvet in the room is wonderful.

(6) Natural Fibers

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Natural fibers are in fashion. They are softer, more durable, and in high-quality.

(7) Rubber

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Rubber is a super adaptable material for creative products. It has great softness and perfect flexibility.

In conclusion, a new trend focused on Desirability, new ways of working from home, a touch of nostalgia is growing in popularity. For better service, continuing to seize the design tendency, Joyye is always on the way. Get more useful information through our blogs at
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