Cute Reactive-Glazed StonewareTableware

Cute, Refreshing, and with a smooth touch, that made The Cute Reactive-Glazed Ceramic Tableware Collection. The clean style, with multicolored reactive-glazed finishes, makes the collection truly distinctive.
Combine it with the delightful pieces in the vibrant summer collection to bring warmth and joy to your table.
  1. Each piece is organically shaped and one-of-a-kind
  2. Handmade in China
  3. Included 2 each of The Dinner Plates and The Bowls, 4 each of The Mugs, 2 each of The Salt & Pepper Shaker, 1 each of The Milk Jug and The Canister
  4. Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  5. Customize the package for you
  6. Our products are handmade. Any differences in glaze applications and surfaces are there to embrace.